Technology Exhibits in BFVG Agri-Hub at Agrotrend

We are pleased to be showcasing technology for use in agriculture in the BFVG Agri-Hub at Agrotrend next week, as a part of our Robots Drones & Sensors; Future Farming Masterclasses. Exhibitors in the BFVG Agri-Hub will be on-hand throughout the entire two-days of Agrotrend, to talk to growers, croppers, and graziers about robotic, drone and sensor technology application in agriculture.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) will be one of the main exhibits in the BFVG Agri-Hub. They will be on hand to tell growers all about precision agriculture and how it can help their vegetable enterprise. DAF Development Horticulturist Celia van Sprang said the focus would be on how to best adopt precision ag technologies to suit individual needs.

“We can give advice on what equipment options are available and the experiences early adopters have had.”

Celia van Sprang

DAF will additionally will have on display a range of telemetry loggers that monitor cool chain conditions, collecting continuous data, for fruit and vegetables in domestic supply chains. They will demonstrate a live web-based link to remote air temperature monitoring devices that are enabled to allow real time monitoring of export shipments of citrus to Asian ports.

Community Lifestyle Solutions (CLS) with a “Pop Up Makerspace” is another major exhibitor in the BFVG Agri-Hub.  The Makerspace will demonstrate gadgets such as 3D printers and mechatronic-type technology. Community Lifestyle Support (CLS), a not-for-profit organisation providing a wide range of health and community services to people living throughout the Central Queensland region.  CLS secured funding through the Advance Queensland’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership Program to develop a technology enabling people with severe and complex physical impairments to control electronic devices. CLS have worked with primary producers that have physical impairments to assist them is staying on-farm.

Damien Tracey, the Chief Executive Officer of CLS, will also be presenting a Future Farming Masterclass at Agrotrend, on the Maker Movement.  He will be highlighting potential for agrarians, technologists and makers to collaboratively drive improvements in farming technologies and practices.

Other exhibits in the BFVG Agri-Hub include BFVG’s VegNET project, Aerobugs, LESS Industries, CQUniversity, CSIRO and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The exhibits in the BFVG Agri-hub will compliment the series of Robots Drones & Sensor; Future Farming Masterclasses which will be held every hour, over the two-days at Agrotrend.  The Future Farming Masterclass itinerary is available on the Agrotrend website –

The BFVG Agri-Hub is an initiative of the Bundaberg Fruit & Vegetable Growers (BFVG) made possible with funding from the Queensland Government from the Engaging Science program.  BFVG are coordinating the project in partnership with CQUniversity, to bring robotic, drone and sensor experts from throughout the country together to extend information to primary producers.  BFVG is launching the Robots Drones & Sensors event with an Industry Breakfast for primary producers and industry stakeholders.

RSVP for the Industry Breakfast is essential and can be done online or by contacting the BFVG office on 07 4153 3007.  RSVP’s are not necessary to participate in a masterclass.

Source & Acknowledgements:  Post written by Michelle Haase – Vegetable Industry Development Officer (VegNET) with Bundaberg Fruit & Vegetable Growers – Funding for the VegNET National Vegetable Extension Network program is from Hort Innovation with vegetable grower levies and funding by the Australian Government.






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