Podcasts for growers

Have you discovered the delicious world of podcasts yet?  If not, you are in for a total treat!

A podcast is a digital audio file specifically made for downloading online, for you to listen to at your leisure.  You can usually subscribe to a podcast so that you automatically receive updates from the creator of the podcast when a new one is available.  Basically, it’s like setting up your set-top box to record a television program, but for your ears.  If you, like me, enjoy listening to programs on the radio but frequently miss them, then subscribing to a podcast for that radio program, might be just the ticket.

InfoVeg Radio is an R&D-focused podcast that has been developed by AUSVEG for vegetable growers. It is designed to allow easy access to the latest in vegetable R&D and there are several ways to listen while at home or in the paddock. The most recent podcast is about postharvest practices and technologies, and it is easy listening and highly informative at the same time. It includes an interview with Dr Jenny Ekman, who is going to be a guest presenter at a workshop that we are running later this month.

If you’re a grower and keen to keep up to date with R&D in the vegetable industry while on the go,  check out InfoVeg Radio. For further information on resources and events for vegetable growers in the Wide Bay-Burnett region, you can go to our website or subscribe to our Fresh Pickings newsletter.


Ausveg – Industry representative body for vegetable and potato growers – www.ausveg.com.au.


Funding for the VegNET National Vegetable Extension Network program is from Hort Innovation.




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